November 18-20, 2018


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Preschool education is a brilliant undertaking dedicated to the development of china strong.

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  The child is the hope of a country and the future of the nation. Preschool education is a brilliant undertaking dedicated to the development of china strong, Chinese Wisdom, and China's progressive. With the implementation of the comprehensive two-child policy and the promotion of urbanization, the reform and development of preschool education are facing new challenges. At present, the population of children aged 0-6 years in China is already over 100 million. It is expected that in the next 5 to 10 years, the number of newborn babies will be maintained at a relatively high level. The continuous expansion of the pre-school children's base provides the basic internal motivation for the development of the pre-school education industry. In 2020, China's pre-school funding is expected to reach 424.5 billion yuan, while the consumption of family preschool education is expected to reach 593.8 billion yuan.

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Founded in 2004, one of the professional exhibition planning and operation agencies in the pre-school education industry, relying on the influential exhibition platform of the world preschool education industry to bring together high-quality preschool education manufacturers and franchise training institutions at home and abroad, leading industries at home and abroad. Information to meet the needs of people in the industry

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